Solution for tie string contamination
in butcher shops, bakeries and any location where tie string clean standards are a must.
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Clean String Saver

  • A positive solution to Tie String Contamination
  • Protects string during wash-down
  • Protects from biological contamination
  • Protects string from bacteria growth
  • Reduces string waste

This protected and clean --------------A Clean String solution

You won't have to hide the dirty little secret in your shop. You won't have to hide your tie string during inspections. You will be able to produce clean protected twine at every inspection. No more shameful material handling or waste.

Above you see a typical used partial roll of string.

You have choices on how to mount the unit. On, the wall or table, or under the table



The "Clean String Saver" is the only industry solution to keep twine or string used in all active areas of food handling protected and sanitary.

This is a time and profit driven solution for anyone who has issues with cleanliness or sanitation compliance in their inspections.

Shops that are now using the "Clean String Saver" have never been faulted for the string cleanliness during an inspections.


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