Solution for tie string contamination
in butcher shops, bakeries and any location where tie string clean standards are a must.
Scott Borges 503-754-0398
Marble Manor 503-695-5531


  • The cover is made out of polycarbonate - tough and shatter resistant.
  • Cover is held down with a round elastimer material with no cavities for contamination to hide in and can be easily washed or replaced as required.
  • Stainless steel hardware prevents rust contamination.
  • Hard anodized aluminum components provide for a hard surface, easy to clean.
  • The string is threaded through the top of the spool, down the center and out the hole in the base, up through the guide in the handle. Use your knife or string cutter to cut string for use. After wash down pullout fresh string and discard exposed wet string and start with clean fresh string. You have no contamination and always have a clean spool of string.




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