Solution for tie string contamination
in butcher shops, bakeries and any location where tie string clean standards are a must.
Scott Borges 503-754-0398
Marble Manor 503-695-5531


1. Prevents a potential major sanitation issue in the Meat department
2. String is kept clean to prevent cross contamination
3. Organized to save time
4. Protects profits in the department
5. Control packaging costs.
6. Maintain (Best in Class )BIC standards with convenience of having the butcher string handy, and sanitary.
7. Customer confidence with clean white string rather than dirty string
8. Prevent critical violations in meat/seafood department
9. 100% cleanable. Designed to withstand everyday cleaning without compromising the integrity/durability of unit
10. Overtime will be reduced by easier start up and clean-up




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